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Marty True
Estate Manager
Business Advisor
Real Estate Investor
Executive Troubleshooter
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    Miami Beach
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Solve Things
Project Management
Asset Management
Business Advisory
Event Management
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  • Strong Work Ethic
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  • Extremely Dependable

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From a very early age, my views on working have always been from an entrepreneurial perspective. I knew I wanted to create my own path in life; however, when I first began my self-employed journey, entrepreneurship was not a household word like it is today. I didn't always have support from friends and family, but I don't hold it against them. They didn't understand why someone would choose something other than what society (at the time) had painted as "the right path." So, I am a big supporter of capitalism and the idea that everyone should have some sort of "thing" that earns them money, other than a job.

My views on life... well, those have been ever-changing now for some time. It's almost not okay to talk about your opinions anymore for fear of offending someone. So, my view on society is that we must always be kind to each other. People are dealing with unprecedented times, and we can never know how each person is affected by things going on in this country and the rest of the world. I try to be kind and show gratitude to everyone and every situation.


I would say that I have a very positive, entrepreneurial mindset with a focus on being a good person and helping others. I typically see things to completion and take the utmost pride in everything I do.

I believe living life is about the journey, not a destination — as cliché as that may sound. I'm very ambitious and love creating dreams and chasing them.

Usually, I am very persistent and do not give up. I embrace new challenges and enjoy learning new skills to conquer them.


My core values would be integrity, punctuality, accountability, consideration of others, and empathy.

Some of these have been ingrained in me for a long time, and others are a bit newer and come from a lot of personal development.


I have many interests, but I love mid-century modern architecture, electronic music, and amazing food.